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SouthCom Services has been serving the west coast of central Florida for over 25 years. Our references and record of service are second to none.

What makes us different ?

Unlike many of our competitors, we monitor our equipment daily in order to spot problems before they become a problem for you or our mutual customers. Often we’re there for repair or service before you even know there is a problem!

If you do need to call us, you won’t get a switchboard or a recording - you’ll get a human. All customers have the owner’s personal private cell phone number.


We offer a variety of plans which can be fully customized to your needs.


They serve your customers in a very practical way. We’ll do all the cleaning and maintenance and you just cash the commission check!


If we can’t save you money on your merchant service fees, we’ll give you a $100 VISA gift card. It’s that simple!

We Take Care of Equipment

If you’ve been in this business for any length of time, you know first hand how poor the service often is on this type of equipment. We keep our equipment looking and working like new. Our record speaks for itself. Reference contacts are available.

What our customers say ?

We have already made a strong relationship with lots of people and they're very satisfied with our services.
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